Beyond The Books: Navigating University & Mental Wellbeing

University life is an exciting time for many filled with meeting new people, lots of opportunities and living independently for the first time. Moving away to a new place and starting fresh is an amazing opportunity for personal growth. 

Working on a degree and completing one also opens a world of opportunities. However, it is important to recognise that University life can be challenging for mental health. Here are some top tips for looking after your mental health at University.

1. Look After Your Physical Health

Prioritise your physical health to improve your mental health. When you exercise regularly you release endorphins, boosting mood. Eat nutritious food whilst at University, it might be easy to go for pizza and ready meals but they will leave you feeling sluggish. A balanced, varied diet will help to improve mood and keep you feeling energised for deadlines.

2. Spend Time Outdoors

During the semester it is easy to slip into staying in your bedroom or going to the library. Try to make a conscious effort to spend time outdoors, fresh air clears your head. Sometimes, having a break can be more beneficial than forcing yourself to work. Enjoy time outside and in nature it can brighten up darker days.

3. Get Involved With Clubs & Societies

Get out of your comfort zone and join a new club or society. View the start of the academic year as a fresh start and time to try out something new. Joining clubs and societies helps to build confidence and helps you to make new friends. Sometimes seeing a friendly face around campus helps you to feel less lonely.

4. Accept Bumps in The Road

University life is different for each individual. Some days might be challenging. However, a few bad days does not make your whole university experience awful. Some days are simply tough. It is important to accept these days and acknowledge how far you have come. You should be incredibly proud of yourself for the academic and personal challenge you have completed by going to University.

5. Reach Out 

If you are consistently struggling with your mental health at University it might be time to speak to someone. You can speak to close friends or family although you might prefer to speak to a professional like Healthy Mind Coaching.

Contact [email protected] for a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your issues, concerns and requirements.

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