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Our Methods

At Healthy Mind Coaching & Training, we employ a synergistic approach that combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Positive Psychology principles. Expertly curated by Sam Barr, these methods are tailored to serve Individuals, Professionals, Business and Workplace staff, and more. Here’s a comprehensive overview of our distinctive methodology.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Framework

Unlocking the Power of Mindful Awareness

CBT is central to our coaching philosophy and includes:

  • Cognitive Understanding: Explore how thoughts, feelings, and behaviours intertwine.
  • Behavioural Strategies: Implement practical steps to change undesirable behaviours.
  • Emotional Awareness: Learn to recognise and manage emotions constructively.

Positive Psychology in Coaching

Fostering Growth and Flourishing

Our Positive Psychology approach emphasises:

  • Strength-Based Coaching: Focus on unique strengths and abilities.
  • Building Resilience: Cultivate personal growth through challenges.
  • Enhancing Well-being: Promote a satisfying, meaningful life.

Training and Workshops

Empowering Individuals and Teams

Our training and workshops, founded on CBT and Positive Psychology principles, concentrate on:

Professional Development

Enhance leadership and communication skills.

Workplace Wellness & Well-being

Foster mental and emotional wellbeing.

Accredited Learning

Optional accreditations like CPD and ICM are available.

One-to-One Sessions

Tailored Guidance for Individual Growth

Our personalised coaching includes:

  • Personal Growth: Utilising CBT and Positive Psychology for self-development.
  • Emotional Resilience Strategies: Strengthen emotional resilience.
  • Life Coaching: Support for various life challenges.

Creating Positive Change

Sustainable Strategies for Continued Growth

Our methods focus on:

  • Engagement: Building a strong connection and understanding.
  • Motivation: Inspiring positive change using evidence-based techniques.
  • Sustainability: Crafting strategies for lasting wellbeing and growth.

Begin Your Transformation Journey

Expert Guidance with Sam Barr and Team

Whether seeking personal development or aiming to enhance an organisational environment, Healthy Mind Coaching & Training, with its blend of CBT and Positive Psychology, is here to guide you.

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Healthy Mind Coaching & Training – Guiding you toward clarity, resilience, and personal fulfilment.

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Mental Wellbeing Life Coaching and Therapy Tailored to Your Needs

Sam, a seasoned mental wellbeing & Life coach and therapist, offers a unique blend of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, tailored counselling, and personalised strategies to address issues like anxiety, stress, and communication. With accreditations from reputable institutions, including the European Mentoring Coaching Council, Sam’s approach is designed to empower individuals in their personal and professional development. Whether you’re seeking growth in your career or balance in your personal life, Sam’s expertise can help you achieve your goals. Take control of your wellbeing and connect with Sam today.

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