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About Sam Barr

Sam Barr is the dedicated mental wellbeing practitioner behind Healthy Mind Coaching & Training, offering specialised support in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With a passion for mental health and a wealth of professional expertise, Sam is committed to helping individuals and organisations improve wellbeing & thrive.

Professional Background and Qualifications

As a seasoned coach and therapist, Sam has been pivotal in offering individual and corporate services, including workplace workshops & training, one-to-one sessions, and advice to HR teams. With a focus on mental and emotional wellbeing, his approach encompasses:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching: Utilising a unique framework to guide personal struggles and professional development.
  • Workplace Strategy: Implementing sustainable wellbeing strategies for businesses and professionals.
  • Tailored Counselling and Coaching: Addressing issues ranging from anxiety and stress to assertiveness, anger management and effective communication.

Sam’s qualifications include accreditation by reputable institutions such as the European Mentoring Coaching Council, the Institute of Commercial Management, and the National Council of Psychotherapists. He also stands as a recognised service provider to Health and Social Care Trusts (NHS) in Northern Ireland.

Philosophy and Mission

Sam is driven by a desire to improve lives through disciplined self-examination, clarity of purpose, and resilience strategies. Whether in personal life coaching, leadership training, or workplace wellbeing, he is unwavering in his mission to bring about positive change. By challenging self-limiting beliefs and nurturing strength based values, he assists clients in overcoming obstacles, difficulties, life challenges to achieve their objectives.

Join the Path to Positive Transformation

Sam Barr and Healthy Mind Coaching & Training are not just about addressing challenges; they are about unlocking potentials and transforming lives. With an empathetic approach and expert guidance, Sam is ready to journey with you towards achieving personal and professional success.

Schedule a Consultation with Sam Barr to discover how his expertise can benefit you or your organisation. Let’s ignite the spark of positive change and create a future filled with wellbeing and growth.

Sam Barr – Your partner in mental wellness and positive transformation.

Transform Your Life with Sam's Expert Guidance

Mental Wellbeing Life Coaching and Therapy Tailored to Your Needs

Sam, a seasoned mental wellbeing & Life coach and therapist, offers a unique blend of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, tailored counselling, and personalised strategies to address issues like anxiety, stress, and communication. With accreditations from reputable institutions, including the European Mentoring Coaching Council, Sam’s approach is designed to empower individuals in their personal and professional development. Whether you’re seeking growth in your career or balance in your personal life, Sam’s expertise can help you achieve your goals. Take control of your wellbeing and connect with Sam today.

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