Guiding You Towards Mental Wellness and Success


At Healthy Mind Coaching & Training, we recognise the profound impact that mental and emotional well-being can have on individual success and organisational growth. Our training programmes are designed with the same care, expertise, and dedication that drive our coaching practices.

Accredited Excellence

Quality Training with Recognised Accreditation

Our courses are eligible for Continuing Personal Development (CPD) courses accreditation, ensuring that the skills and knowledge you gain are recognised and respected within the professional community.

Training Workshops Tailored to Your Needs

Fostering a Mentally Resilient Workforce

Our training offerings cover a wide spectrum, catering to individuals, professionals, companies, and organisations throughout Northern Ireland. These include:

  • Workplace Wellness & Well-being: Empowering staff with strategies to foster mental health and emotional resilience.
  • Leadership and Professional Development: Enhancing leadership capabilities, communication skills, and personal growth.
  • Mental Health & Well-being: Addressing specific mental health issues like stress management, anxiety, and bullying, anger management, promoting a safe & healthy environment.

Benefits of Our Training

Investing in Growth and Well-being

Individuals and Professionals

Gain skills that promote personal well-being and professional success.

Companies and Organisations

Enhance staff productivity, morale, retention, and create a positive return on investment.

Local Expertise

Benefit from our rich experience in mental health coaching and our local understanding.

Engage with Us

Ignite that Spark – Transform Your Workplace

Our training workshops are more than mere learning experiences; they are transformative engagements that can redefine the mental well-being landscape of your workplace.

By investing in your team’s mental health, you are not only showing your commitment to their well-being but also aligning your organisation with a vision of growth, innovation, and success.

Explore Our Training Workshops and find the right fit for your unique needs. Let’s build a stronger, more resilient workforce together.

Healthy Mind Coaching & Training – Your partner in fostering mental well-being and positive change.

Transform Your Life with Sam's Expert Guidance

Mental Wellbeing Life Coaching and Therapy Tailored to Your Needs

Sam, a seasoned mental wellbeing & Life coach and therapist, offers a unique blend of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, tailored counselling, and personalised strategies to address issues like anxiety, stress, and communication. With accreditations from reputable institutions, including the European Mentoring Coaching Council, Sam’s approach is designed to empower individuals in their personal and professional development. Whether you’re seeking growth in your career or balance in your personal life, Sam’s expertise can help you achieve your goals. Take control of your wellbeing and connect with Sam today.

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