Our Unique Perspective

Vision, Mission, and Values

At Healthy Mind Coaching & Training, we believe in the transformative power of mental wellbeing. Guided by our clear vision, steadfast mission, and core values, we strive to create positive changes in individuals, professionals, businesses, and larger organisations in Northern Ireland.

Our Vision

Empowering Minds, Enriching Lives

We envision a world where mental and emotional wellbeing is prioritised, enabling individuals and organisations to thrive. Our aim is to foster a culture where mental wellness is celebrated and nurtured, where people feel free to pursue their potentials and enjoy a fulfilling quality of life.

Our Mission

Facilitating Growth Through Coaching and Training

  • For Individuals: To provide tailored coaching and counselling, focusing on psychological and emotional wellbeing, personal growth, and resilience.
  • For Professionals and Businesses: To deliver effective training workshops and leadership coaching, facilitating workplace change, development, and wellbeing.
  • For Educational Bodies and Health Trusts: To offer strategic solutions and workshops to create positive mental health environments and enhance performance.

Our mission is to harness our expertise and passion to support our clients in defining and overcoming personal or professional challenges through clarity, motivation, and strategic resilience strategies.

Our Values: Integrity, Empathy, Innovation, and Excellence


We uphold ethical practices, honesty, and transparency in all interactions.


We approach each client with understanding and compassion, recognising their unique needs and goals.


We constantly evolve and adapt, offering creative problem-solving and state-of-the-art training methodologies.


We commit to delivering results-driven services, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and quality.

Join Us in Creating a Positive Future

Healthy Mind Coaching & Training is more than just a provider of coaching and training; we are a catalyst for positive transformation. We invite you to join us in our pursuit of excellence, innovation, and compassion.

Explore Our Services and let’s collaborate to build a brighter, mentally resilient future for you or your organisation. Together, we can achieve the extraordinary.

Healthy Mind Coaching & Training – Your pathway to a prosperous mind and life.

Transform Your Life with Sam's Expert Guidance

Mental Wellbeing Life Coaching and Therapy Tailored to Your Needs

Sam, a seasoned mental wellbeing & Life coach and therapist, offers a unique blend of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, tailored counselling, and personalised strategies to address issues like anxiety, stress, and communication. With accreditations from reputable institutions, including the European Mentoring Coaching Council, Sam’s approach is designed to empower individuals in their personal and professional development. Whether you’re seeking growth in your career or balance in your personal life, Sam’s expertise can help you achieve your goals. Take control of your wellbeing and connect with Sam today.

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