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Tackling Thoughts, Feelings, And Behaviours

Understanding & Managing Thoughts, Feelings, And Behaviours

Tackling thoughts, feelings, and behaviours is a fundamental concept in many therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

In therapeutic settings, a practitioner who focuses on tackling thoughts, feelings, and behaviours would typically help clients to recognise these interconnected components and how they contribute to their overall well-being or distress. 

Through guided self-reflection, skill-building, and practical exercises, clients learn to observe, understand, and alter their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, leading to meaningful changes in their lives.

This method is highly individualised and can be applied to a wide range of issues, from mental health disorders to personal development and growth. 

It emphasises empowerment, self-awareness, and the practical application of strategies to enhance overall well-being.


These are the inner dialogues and beliefs that constantly run through our minds. 

Negative or unrealistic thoughts can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, or anger. 

By identifying and challenging these thoughts, individuals can learn to replace them with more balanced and positive thinking patterns.


Feelings or emotions are the internal reactions that often follow our thoughts. 

They can be pleasant or unpleasant, and they significantly influence our behaviour. 

Recognising the connection between thoughts and feelings allows individuals to understand how changing their thinking can lead to emotional well-being.


Behaviours are the actions or reactions we exhibit in response to our thoughts and feelings. 

Unhelpful behaviours might be developed as coping mechanisms for negative thoughts and feelings, but they often perpetuate the problem. 

By addressing and changing these behaviours, individuals can develop more adaptive ways of responding to situations.

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