Navigating Criticism: Finding Balance For Your Mental Wellbeing

Sometimes it can be really hard to accept criticism and react appropriately. Constructive criticism can be invaluable for future improvements but its impact on mental health is undeniable. Here are some steps for navigating criticism with your mental health in mind.

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

The first step in understanding and navigating criticism is to acknowledge your feelings about the situation. Try to experience emotions like anger, hurt and frustration without judging yourself. This can be really important for accepting your feelings and growing from the experience.

2. Rationalise Criticism

Take a moment to assess whether the criticism is constructive or hurtful. Constructive criticism will help you to improve and grow whereas hurtful feedback might be driven solely by negativity. Use constructive criticism to drive you forward and improve. Try to discard negative feedback or talk it through with the person to help you process and understand it.

3. Set Boundaries

Set boundaries with yourself about how much of the weight of others’ opinions you are willing to accept. Try to create a healthy amount of self-protection and resilience when it comes to criticism. You are likely to have experienced criticism in the past and coped with it well. These real life examples are a testament to your strength and show that a small knock back is just that.

4. Use Criticism to Grow

Use criticism as an opportunity to improve and grow. Consider the rational parts of the feedback that you can tangibly improve on. Use this criticism to improve and succeed in the future.

5. Seek Professional Help

If you are really struggling with accepting criticism, consider talking to a professional like Healthy Mind Coaching. Professionals can help you to establish your confidence and enforce a positive narrative around criticism.

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