Healthy Mind Coach Provides Support For Those Struggling With Loneliness During Christmas

As the New Year fast approaches Sam Barr, Healthy Mind Coaching extends his support to those struggling with loneliness this festive period.

Christmas can churn up mixed emotions for many people, especially those who have lost loved ones or who live alone. Although these emotions can feel inescapable it is important to acknowledge that there are ways to turn this festive season into a positive one.

Sam Barr of Healthy Mind Coaching & Training in Belfast said: “Sadly, as Christmas comes around so many people struggle with feeling alone. It is important at this time of year to reach out to friends and family. If this feels particularly overwhelming perhaps it’s time to speak to a professional.”

“I hope people can take a brave step at this isolating time of year to put themselves first. Reaching out can be daunting but it is so important to nurture your mental & emotional wellbeing.”

Sam’s company Healthy Mind Coaching & Training offers a range of services including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and counselling for both individuals and professionals. To encourage people to reach out for their mental health he offers a free 20 minute initial consultation. 

To help people through this challenging time of year Sam provides his advice for people struggling with loneliness:

1. Reach Out To Friends And Family

“Often when people are struggling with loneliness the hardest step is to be vulnerable and explain how you feel. Speak to somebody who you trust and explain how you feel isolated this year.”

“You could fill up your schedule by organising to see each other more often. The support of loved ones is so important and might help you to feel less alone at a difficult time of the year.”

2. Try Out A New Hobby

“Use the festive period as the perfect chance to try something different. The lack of daylight in the winter means it is essential to get out there to boost your mood.”

“You could try a new exercise class, a new crafting hobby or going to a social group. A weekly activity will help you to feel a sense of community and boost your mood when you are feeling low.”

3. Self-Care

“Although you might feel particularly alone it is important that you take time to look after yourself. Small rituals dedicated to making yourself feel better will help to support your mental health.”

“Take time to evaluate what makes you happy and how you would like to spend your time. When you feel more confident in yourself, socialising and speaking to loved ones will feel easier.”

4. Be Prepared For Bumps In The Road

“Sometimes the path to feeling better isn’t linear. You need to give yourself grace when you have small setbacks.”

“See setbacks as a learning experience, use them to evaluate whether your thoughts about a situation are true and rational. Ultimately you might experience a few small setbacks which can help you feel like your usual self again.”

5. Seek Professional Help

“If you feel particularly overwhelmed this festive season perhaps it’s time to reach out for professional help. Professionals can offer an impartial perspective allowing you to explain just how you feel without any judgement.”

“I hope that people feel ready to speak up this festive season.”

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