Cultivating Positive Mental Health Habits For Children

This Children’s mental health week it’s important to look out for the happiness and wellbeing of children. Mental health & wellbeing are a vital part of children’s development. Start them off in the right direction by helping them to cultivate positive mental health & wellbeing habits. 

1. Regular Exercise 

Encourage children to exercise both for their physical and mental wellbeing. This does not have to be gruelling physical activity. Spend time playing football or throwing a ball around. You could consider walking to school instead of driving. Encouraging children to participate in team sports can boost self-confidence and create a supportive group of friends. Exercise helps to boost endorphins and releases serotonin, improving mood.

2. Importance of Sleep

Help children to understand the importance of good rest. Sleep can be challenging for children but setting up a nighttime routine and avoiding screen time can help. Make sure their space is comfortable and make sure you do relaxing activities before bed like reading a book and dimming the lights. Adequate sleep is essential for emotional well-being and emotional regulation.

3. Manage Stress

Teach children how to cope with overwhelming stress by providing them with strategies to cope. For example, try giving them breathing techniques. Or take them out for a walk in nature, this will lift their mood and show the importance of healthy habits. Help children to identify and understand their emotions. This will improve their emotional literacy and help their self-awareness.

4. Downtime

Make sure that children have time away from screens and time to relax and get bored. This time makes them self-reliant and shows them that they can spend time alone. This is unstructured where they have to do nothing which encourages creativity and imaginative play. This self-reliance helps to build resilience. Downtime also improves sleep quality leaving children more emotionally regulated.

5. Look After Yourself

The demands of parenting can be physically and emotionally draining. It is important that parents find time to look after themselves and prioritise their own mental health & emotional wellbeing. Parents who take time for themselves to recharge are more capable of consistently providing the care, attention and the support that their children need. Putting yourself first will allow you to practise what you preach and lead as an example to your children.

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