7 Things You Can Do On A Budget To Support Employee Mental Health

Supporting employee mental health this year should be a priority. Supporting employee mental health doesn’t always require a large budget. Here are my top tips to make sure your employees feel seen and heard if you are on a tight budget.

1. Open Communication

Prioritise mental health by creating open and honest conversations about mental health. Encourage employees to voice their concerns and actively listen to them. It might be worth adding routine employee one-to-one’s with your HR representative to the monthly calendar. If this is not an option consider offering your staff the chance to speak up with a written survey. If you are concerned about somebody, check in with them and listen to their needs.

2. Create a Positive Work Environment

A negative work environment damages employee mental health. Try to create a positive atmosphere. Recognise employee achievements and show appreciation when a task is completed well or is particularly successful. Positive reinforcement can boost morale and contribute to a healthier atmosphere. 

3. Designated Break Areas

Make sure that employees step away from work during their breaks. This could be physically leaving the building or making sure that employees don’t stay at their desks through lunch. Creating a designated break area is important for employee mental health and helps to create a boundary between work/ life. This will help employees to switch off and enjoy time to relax.

4. Peer Support Networks

Encourage employees to rely on each other for support. Using a buddy system helps employees feel quickly integrated into the workplace and provides a support system within the workplace. Encourage your employees to spend time with each other outside of the workplace to get to know each other. This friendship and support is so important for employee mental health.

5. Flexible Work Arrangements

Allow flexible work hours or remote work where possible. This can help employees to manage their own schedules and better manage their work-life balance. If somebody is struggling with their mental health, having flexible arrangements can make them feel more comfortable and supported in the workplace. 

6. Encourage Work-Life Balance

Listen to your employees’ boundaries, don’t allow them to work excessive overtime hours. Respect their weekends and promote a healthy work-life balance. Make it clear that taking time off when needed is supported and encouraged. Show interest in their hobbies and ask how they are getting along.

7. Consider A Workshop

If your employee mental health is a real concern consider a team building exercise where you can focus on the wellness of the group. A professional like Healthy Mind Coaching can offer group training sessions to boost employee mental health & wellbeing.

To get in touch or to book your training session today go to https://www.healthymindcoaching.co.uk/ or call 07906869616

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